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Executive Edge, L.L.C. incorporated as a Limited Liability Company in 2010. The primary focus of the business is Communications Design - Creating, formatting, or revising documents and custom graphics for print (desktop or commercial) and for use on the Internet and media devices. Projects include business branding, marketing materials, advertising, and custom projects for personal use. Consultations and direct services for business incorporation and filings, website maintenance, and assistance for job-seekers (formation of cover letters and resumes).

Foundational Scripture: "Commit to the Lord whatever you do and He will establish your plans." Proverbs 16:3

Name: Danielle N. Anderson
Birthplace: Youngstown, Ohio

Education: Information Technology & Business Administration - Management
Creative & Ambitious.
Lover of Various Forms of Art - Specifically Music and Inspirationational Poetry.
Mother of Two Sons and One Daughter

"With a passion for youth enrichment and community advancement, I have organized several after-school programs and networking events since 2015. I enjoy helping other aspiring entrepreneurs, business owners, organization directors, and community leaders to reach their goals in education and in business." - Danielle



Start-Up Websites are priced to be affordable for Entrepreneurs & New Business Owners.
The purpose behind keeping the price to set-up the initial website low is to assist clients with getting their websites started and then training clients to be able to maintain their sites on their own. The idea is that the funtionality and features of the website will enhance as the business grows and dynamic sites become affordable for the client!

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Below are other websites that were initially set-up by EELLC that are no longer active or have upgraded...

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