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Your business logo drives the design concept to develop your business brand. Choose colors and graphics that bring the vision for your business to life!
Branding Packages

Executive Edge, L.L.C. has been a trusted resource for Business Services for over ten years. We work with entrepreneurs, small business owners, large companies, and community &  faith-based organizations to maximize brand awareness. We offer communications design packaged pricing at affordable rates to better serve our clientele! We partnered with Avangate Affiliates to bring website software from Incromedia to our clients directly from our website!

All Branding Packages include a Details Sheet with information about color codes, fonts, and file types used to create a CUSTOM BRAND. Items in each package can be switched out for another item of equal or lesser value.

NOTE: Branding Packages are for DESIGN ONLY - Printing is outsourced to commerical printers.
Website Initial Set-Up DOES NOT include maintenance, back-up, photo or inventory organization, special graphics, special forms, or email management. Mentioned services will require additional costs. Outsourced service pricing is determined by the outside vendor.
EELLC Branding Packages

Includes design for Logo, Social Media Kit, and Business Card or Stationary Item
$ 200.00
EELLC Branding Packages

Includes everything in Start-Up Package, Plus
Design for Hot/Rack Card and Website Set-Up
***Choose Option Standard Website or Online Store Set-Up)
$ 400.00
EELLC Branding Packages

Includes everything in Start-Up & Associate Packages, Plus
Design for Brochure or Newsletter, Ad Kit, and Thank You/Discount Card
***Choose Option for Standard Website or Online Store Set-Up)
$ 600.00

While Branding Packages are a GREAT way to get all the publications you need at one time, we know that single product purchases are sometimes necessary. Explore the general price list below or contact us at [email protected] to discuss your branding needs.

Graphics & Logos
$25| Social Media Kit
$50| Graphics for Resale
$79 | Text or Light Graphic Logos
$99| Heavy Graphic or Caricature (Cartoon) Logos
$75| Standard 3pg Website Set-Up
$125| Online Stores 5pg Set-Up

PRINT BUSINESS SERVICES include design for:
$35| Per Electronic File For All Products Listed Below (discounts may apply for packaged products)
Agreements & Contracts
Announcements & Invitations
Booklets & Catalogs
Business Cards & Stationary
Decals, Labels & Stickers
Door Hangers & Promotional Items
Event Tickets & Fliers
Service Cards (Hot Cards)
Special Event Programs
Thank You & Coupon Cards
Networking/Tradeshow/Vending Materials & Signage
***Most Print Communications can be designed in electronic form for use on the Internet or mobile devices

Shop Website Maintenance Software

WebSite X5 is a software that guides you through each step of creating professional websites, online stores, and blogs,
without needing to code. Follow the program’s 5 steps, take advantage of the Drag & Drop editor, and use template and
object presets to easily create responsive sites that are compatible with all browsers and the latest mobile devices.
WebSite X5 is yours forever, with no monthly fees. With 1 license, you can work on 2 PCs and create as many sites as you like.
Plus, since the software is installed on your PC, you can work anywhere, any time, even without an Internet connection.

Click To Purchase

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$ 79.95| Website X5 EVO
One software. No fees. Endless possibilities.
$219.95| Website X5 PRO
Create Websites, Blogs, and Online Stores
***Updates included for 12 months

Want To Animate Your Website ?
TRY WebAnimator Software

Click To Purchase

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$ 69.99| WebAnimator NOW 3
WebAnimator now is the best software to create stunning animations to add to your websites and online stores, without using Flash. You don’t need to learn or use HTML code, and you don’t need to be an experienced animator.
$99.00| WebAnimator PLUS 3
Create interactive Animations in HTML5
for your website
A NOTE FROM EXECUTIVE EDGE, L.L.C.: Upon Click-to-Purchase software items listed above, you will be redirected to the Incomedia order landing page to complete your purchase. Purchase details are managed by 2CheckOut.
For product support: [email protected]
EELLC has developed branding for:
Master Mechanical, L.L.C. / Healing Hands & Hearts, L.L.C. / Odara Fashions, L.L.C. / Get Yo' Mind Right, L.L.C. / WE Pete, Inc. / Beloved Guardians Home Health, L.L.C. / The Pitt Boss BBQ & Gamers Lounge / L.A. Stylez / Lena's Legacy Village / Thirsty Peanut / The Boxcar / Signature Cycle Works /
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