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Executive Edge, L.L.C. Strongly Encourages Self-Sufficiency for Our Clients
& We are Dedicated to Promoting Entrepreneurship!

While that is the goal, we understand that direct assistance with filing business forms is sometimes necessary. For this reason, we keep our pricing affordable for all - $10 PER FILING FORM to:

- Register a Business or Trade Name & Incorporating as a Limited Liability Company
- Apply for a Employer Identification Number, EIN
- Apply for a Vendor's License  with Sales & Use Account Set-Up
- Research & Apply for a Data Universal Numbering System, D-U-N-S Account

Consulting Services Include...
- Logo & Graphic Design
- Start-Up Website Set-Up & Maintenance
- Copyright Registration Assistance to Protect Original Artwork (State & Federal) & Trademarks
- Suggestions on formatting for creation of Cover Letters, Portfolios & Resumes to Obtain Employment

NOTE: I am not a lawyer. For more strict or detailed copyright and trademark situations, you may want to consult with a business lawyer.
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