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The Unheralded Entrepreneur LIVE! Podcast is a platform for entrepreneurs, small business owners, community leaders, and faith-based organizations to talk about their experiences with starting and growing their business, organization, mission, or movement.

Currently, the on-site or Facebook Live interviews are FREE for 30-minute sessions. On-Site interviews are scheduled locally in Youngstown, Ohio and surrounding Mahoning Valley townships.  Facebook Live interviews are typically for those who reside outside of the local area or whom wish to maintain social distance.

Past Interviews
EELLC's The Unheralded Entrepreneur LIVE! Podcast first aired in 2018 - Whew, have we come along way!!!

Interviews are RAW, unedited content, the conversation is LIVE! and uploaded for review on our YouTube Channel:
TheUnheralded Entrepreneur

Click the YouTube button to check out some early footage from those pictured below, While you're there SUBSCRIBE!


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